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Counseling for the Reluctant Couple in Vancouver, WA-Portland metro area

My Significant Other Won’t Attend Therapy

According to many therapists, couples therapy must be done according to a specific plan or structure. And while it can be beneficial to attend couples counseling when relationships become problematic, it isn’t always possible. As an individual it may be beneficial for you to seek out relationship counseling alone.

When there is uncertainty in your relationship or when it feels like the negatives of the relationship outweigh the positive individual relationship counseling may be the best route. It can feel difficult to navigate relationship dynamics without your significant other, however we have found that one can explore their growth and improve aspects of their life if there significant other doesn’t wish to participate.

If your relationship has experienced up’s and downs, and your significant other doesn’t want to or doesn’t feel ready to participate in couples counseling, there is hope!

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While Attending Therapy at Compass Community Counseling You Can Expect to

  • Learn how to help your spouse feel good about talking with you and being with you

  • Help your spouse get more love and connection from you

  • Learn how to feel valued and loved while also being able to give that back to your spouse

  • Help one spouse to re-attract and emotionally connect with the other spouse

Our hope for you is to seek empowerment, growth and satisfaction in your relationship. Learning to navigate your relationship from your authentic self is the first step to growth in this process.

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