First Responders Counseling



First Responders Counseling in Vancouver, Wa First Responders face a range of unique health and mental health consequences as a result of the critical work you do in our community. Though committed to running toward danger to provide unwavering support and assistance, many first responders like yourself are reluctant [...]

Sex Positive Counseling

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Sex Positive Counseling for Individuals & Couples in Vancouver, WA   As relationships evolve, it isn’t uncommon to experience sex or intimacy difficulties. As individuals, it isn’t uncommon to experience, anxiety, addiction, or feelings of isolation in regards to sexual desires or satisfaction. For many couples, they attend therapy, after [...]

Major Life Transitions



Individual Counseling for Major Life Transitions in the Vancouver, Wa - Portland Metro area Are You Struggling with a Major Life Transition? Significant life changes or transitions can be difficult for all of us. A change like divorce, the death of a loved one, unemployment or a major injury [...]

Individual vs. Couples Counseling


Counseling for the Reluctant Couple in Vancouver, WA-Portland metro area My Significant Other Won't Attend Therapy According to many therapists, couples therapy must be done according to a specific plan or structure. And while it can be beneficial to attend couples counseling when relationships become problematic, it isn’t always [...]